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What is Health?

Even if it is not as serious to go see a doctor, there may be a sign coming from your mind and body when you feel somewhat unusual. In such case, although you have yet to be diagnosed, your health might be just one step away from a fall. In Kampo, we treat any symptoms, including so-called "not yet diseased" conditions, and pursuit true health.

The knowledge for a healthy life for both mental and physical state = the Natural Medical Science.

As our society has developed and became more complex, our lifestyle also change its form sometimes in an unusual way without noticing. As a result, imbalance between mind and body occurs, and this manifests as a lifestyle related diseases. In such society, in order to maintain health, it is necessary not only to have a positive mindset and to be active but also to balance ourselves based on the seasons, and to keep striving for the ideal health. As a professional herbal medicine pharmacy that has experience and knowledge, we have created the Natural Medical Science as our original and practical integrative method combined with the Oriental medicine, Western medicine, herbology and natural science. Indulging the knowledge of Kampo, which originated in long-time history of China and developed uniquely in Japan, is the modern version of self-healing management method.

Self-Care = caring for one’s life

In the Natural Medical Science, the concept of self-care literally means to care for one’s life. In other words, this is a theory to make effort into our own body. Self-care focuses on enhancing the natural healing ability of our body to live in a healthier state. There are few important key points when we mention about self-care since there are numerous ways of being healthy for each individual. There is none of us that has the exact same personality, or the same body type. Health status varies from person to person, as well as its causes and feelings. Therefore, in order to maintain your health, weak areas of the body needs improvement, and strong areas of the body stronger, to improve the balance of the body as a whole. Thus, the effective approach varies based on which part of the body, or function, needs to be improved. This may take few approaches; therefore, it is very important to know how to combine them together and to come up with the best solution for each individual.

Health first, Kampo second

With this as our basic philosophy, we work to help customers maintain and enhance their health. It ought to be possible to maintain one’s health simply by living in accordance with the law of nature. The origin of illness is usually hidden within our lifestyle caused by the disharmony with nature. These factors can lower one’s vitality at any times. One must be conscious of living in a healthy state, and to strengthen their healing ability on a daily basis.