NIHONDO 薬日本堂株式会社



History goes on infinitely, and of all that lives, none is better than mankind.

We are grateful to have been born into this generation as human beings, and we owe it to the next generation to grow and develop. People develop through good health and by cultivating their minds and skills. The heart is nurtured through relationships and that brings happiness. Skills enable us to work and that makes life worth living. People's lives are shaped by their relationships with others throughout their lives, and they grow and develop through self-realization at home, at work, and in their interactions with society.

As employees of Kusuri Nihondo, we are contributing to the world as members of society through our work, and therefore our work is precious and sacred.

Our company pursues the original form of pharmacy that meets the needs of society, conducts sound business with high social value, and aims to contribute to the improvement of the health of local residents and public health by widely spreading its full-fledged pharmacy form to the world with unlimited love for humanity.

The energy to realize this goal will bring happiness to employees, promote the survival and development of society, and eventually lead to the development of the industry, service to society and the nation, and even peace for mankind.

Yojo First, Kampo Second

Life is an eternal, great current that has continued since the beginning of the universe.
And man is at the forefront of it.
Each human being is a microcosm with everything, a reflection of the macrocosm and nature. Thus, man cannot live apart from Mother Nature. To be grateful for being alive in great nature, for being given life, and to live naturally is, in other words, to make the most of oneself and to truly fulfill one's life.
Health is not merely the absence of disease; it is the realization of the meaning of life given to us, self-realization, growth and development, and making the most of life with love, courage, and faith in our relationship with all living things in the world.

CSR – For a sustainable society

Ever since our establishment, we have developed our own methodology called Natural Medicine and Self-care Science, and have been contributing Kampo products and knowledge to the local healthcare industry and society. We are committed to protecting the global environment through our research and development of new products and its packaging and delivery.