NIHONDO 薬日本堂株式会社


To live in good mental and physical health = Natural Medicine and Self-care Science

As society became richer and more complex, we have somehow been forced to live unnatural lives. As a result, the original state of mind and body have been distorted, causing diseases such as lifestyle-related illnesses.

In this modern society, in order to lead a healthy life, we need to take a positive and proactive attitude such as "I create my own health" and gradually improve our lives with a balanced lifestyle that matches the rhythm of nature, while striving to achieve our original ideal "health”.

Based on our many years of experience and knowledge as a Japanese herbal medicine (Kampo) specialty store, we have consolidated Oriental medicine, Western medicine, pharmacology and self-care science (Yojo) into our own brand of "Natural Medicine and Self-care Science".

Natural Medicine and Self-care Science is a modern version of self-care health management that combines traditional Chinese medicine, which was historically born in China and developed independently in Japan, with modern Western medical philosophy.

Yojo = Nourish one’s life

The term "Yojo" in Natural Medicine and Self-care means literally, "to nourish (yo) life (jo)".
We believe that it is a matter of caring actively for our own bodies.
In order to become even healthier than we are now, self-care is the process of increasing our innate "life force," or "natural healing power" that we are born with. An important point in our self-care process is to understand that there are "ten different ways for ten different people" in self-care. No one person's personality or physical condition is identical to another. Furthermore, some parts of a person's health may be unaffected while some parts may be symptomatic so there is no single cause for the symptoms.
Therefore, in order to become healthier, it is necessary to improve the overall balance of the body by developing the parts that are in good shape and supplementing the weak parts from the good parts. Thus, the most effective method for a person will depend on where the improvement should be focused. It is very important to create a self-care program that best suits the person’s state of health at that time.